Survey Diary records for you what apps you use and what web sites you visits.
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Keep Internet Diary

Now you can record what internet services and apps you use.

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You Control Your Diary Data

Only you can use your diary data with a secret download link.

Before You Start

You need following things to start using Survey Diary:

  • Personal diary code and installation link to use this app, it is given only for invited users.
  • Android phone / tablet, iPhone / iPad or desktop computer with Chrome or Firefox browser.

Help (FAQ)

How can we help you? Please, find answer to your question below.

Survey Diary is invite only app/extension. This means that you can start using it only if you have received a personal invite link with a personal diary code e.g. by email. Just write down your personal diary code in the invite, install Survey Diary and register your personal diary code in it.

Open Survey Diary and click the download icon and follow instructions. You will first see a preview of your diary data. Copy your personal and secret download link to use the data in your computer or anywhere you want to.

Only you know your secret download link. This means that only you can download your data and use it as you want to.

Open Survey Diary. It should detect if your Internet connection is not working and give you the instructions how to fix it.

Your diary data will be deleted automatically in 60 days and cannot be anymore downloaded after it. If you want to delete your data before automatic deleting is done, you may ask our support to do it (last FAQ item below).

Send a Question to developer of app and extension

Please, send your questions about Survey Diary app or extension by using the support form below.

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